Refugee children read hostile Facebook comments in Red Cross new awareness campaign for the Netherlands.
 Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Produced by Bianca Looman // Cinematography by Marijn Zurburg // Client: Red Cross

The film we made for the Red Cross was discussed at the Dutch talk show De Wereld Draait Door.

From Syria to Cuba, the US to Argentina; stories we captured from around the globe.
This is ColdSun's work at a glance.

This poetry video is an elegant dance between the city of Buenos Aires and the Tango. The poem is written by Andres Bosso.
Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Cinematography by Ignacio Masllorens // Music composed by Jorge Bosso

A documentary about the origins, spirit and growing popularity worldwide of modern day Street Painting.
Directed by Alessio Cuomo and Sander de Nooij // Produced by Peter Westerink.

The Avant/Garde Diaries is an online interview magazine and global event series initiated by Mercedes-Benz.
Produced by ColdSun Productions // Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Filmed by Sander de Nooij // Music: Zeno van den Broek

Armin van Buuren in Buenos Aires. Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Hosted by Wytske Kenemans // Photos by Marc van der Aa.

Een filmische bewerking van de 4 mei lezing van Jan Terlouw, met beelden van het VPRO programma Nederland Van Boven.        Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Music: Canto Ostinato composed by Simeon ten Holt

Commercial we shot in Berlin for Philips. Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Client: Philips // Commissioned by Bovil & Holy Apples  // Produced by Michiel van Geloven

Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Client: Samsung // Idea and concept: Fama Volat // Commissioned by Barneveld & Van Geloven // Produced by ColdSun Productions

A mood film for OVG, the largest real estate technology company in The Netherlands.
Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Commissioned by Barneveld & Van Geloven // Artwork by Floris Drupsteen & Dylan Jonkhart

Presentation of Argentine fashion magazine DMAG.
Directed by Alessio Cuomo // Arte y Fotografía: Ale Bascuas y Sebastián Mun

A documentary about Cuban underground musicians who rebel against the Castro-regime.
Directed by Alessio Cuomo and Sander de Nooij // Co-produced by Gijs van de Westelaken of Column Film // edited by Marvin Schoemaker // Sales agent NPO Sales.

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