Cuba Rebelion

Cuba RebelioN! (2008) is our first documentary and was co-produced by Gijs van de Westelaken of Column Film. A film about Cuban underground rock musicians who rebel against the Castro-regime. It shows the painful reality of musicians who are not allowed to express themselves publicly but are nevertheless willing to put their freedom at risk by playing their music.

We went to Cuba with a small camera and our guitars and secretly filmed the rise of a new generation of artists who are fed up with the communist regime and want to make a change with their music, even at the risk of imprisonment.

Directed by   
Alessio Cuomo & Sander de Nooij

Alessio Cuomo & Sander de Nooij

Edited by
Marvin Schoemaker & Kristian Claas

Produced by                     
ColdSun Productions & Column Film

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NPO Sales
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