GESSO - the Art of Street Painting

A documentary about the origins, diversity, spirit, appeal and growing popularity worldwide of modern day Street Painting. This ‘road movie’ will take you to different countries and cultures, and tells the story of street painting through the eyes and hands of seven artists, coming from very different social and artistic backgrounds, but united by their passion for pavement art.

The film portrays beauty and hardship, individual inspiration, drive and perseverance. It's a truly inspiring behind the scenes look into the colorful life of the modern day pavement art scene worldwide.

Directed by       
Alessio Cuomo & Sander de Nooij

Sander de Nooij

Edited by
Sander de Nooij & Alessio Cuomo

Produced by                      
ColdSun Productions & Planet StreetPainting

Idea & Concept by 
Peter Westerink
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