MASTERCARD - Ode to the Journey

A series of travelogues and videos in which we document odes of local poets to their country, region or city. In this edition, we bring an ode to New South Wales in Australia.

At the age of nineteen, Dorothea Mackellar wrote the iconic poem ‘My Country’. In this poem, she brings an ode to her homeland Australia, while being in England herself. Even though she grew up in the city, she often traveled to the farms of her brothers, around the village of Gunnedah. That journey inspired her to write the poem. And us, for documenting her ode.

Winner of the Aad Struijs Press Prize for best Travel Video of 2020. We won the jury prize and the public choice award.

Directed & Edited by       
Alessio Cuomo

Andy Lloyd (Australia)

Concept by
Alessio Cuomo

MasterCard & WideOyster

Starring Caroline Pemberton (Australia)

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